1. Tips for Blacktail Deer Hunting

  • Wearing cologne or other kinds of strong smells will give your position away and alert the black tail deer that your near.
  • When possible, hide your scent. You can do this with a number of products or items. The easiest is just rub animal droppings on the souls of your boots.
  • Unless you have something like a walkman that you can plug an ear piece in, don’t bring anything that will make noise. This will also give away your position to the deer.
  • You want a good hunting stand that is sturdy, and doesn’t creak. It should have good supports.
  • Even though you are taking steps to hide your scent, you should be aware of breeze ways and not catch yourself being set up in the middle of one.
  • Make sure your stand is where you can see all around, and as far as possible. After all you want to be able to see the black tail deer coming.
  • Make sure that if you bow hunt, you paint your arrows a bright color so you can find them if you should miss.
  • When possible place feed out so the deer will come back to the place more often. This isn’t always possible, but does help if you can do this over a period of time before the season opens.

2. Tips for Whitetail Deer Hunting

  • Your scent is the most important part of whitetail deer hunting. Do not wear cologne or other smells that will give your position away.
  • Hiding your scent is another way of helping you. There are store products that you spray on you, but good old fashion droppings of animals on the bottom of your shoes always worked for us.
  • No radio unless you have a ear piece for just one ear. You do want to be able to hear noises that may be right underneath you.
  • Make sure your hunting stand doesn’t make noise. No creaking from a under-supported cross section that helps hold up your stand.
  • Make sure your stand is not in a breeze way that takes your scent down wind. Always make sure that your stand is set up in the place that gives you the advantage.
  • Your stand should be set up where you can see not only long distances, but at lease a 150 degree view.
  • If your bow hunting then paint your arrows a color that will stand out, in case you miss your first shot.
  • It’s surprising how many bow hunters don’t practice enough with their bows.
  • Salt licks can be helpful if you own or rent the land.


Increasingly, the presence of the gun as many families in some countries. The debate around the issue of gun control often associated with strong feelings on both sides. Besides exploiting the abuse was less subject trivialize the gun safe control issue, you can click here to find the best gun safe . It is extremely dangerous because the right to be armed for self-defense is not a trivial matter. And decisions should not be made under any pressure or fear of public panic. In fact, if you or I face the criminals, we instantly become the front-line defense. Now it is too late to invoke the help of someone. So you must know how to use guns. First just know how to aim and shoot with fixed targets
  • Meaning, characteristics

Target shooting is fixed basic shoot all kinds of rifles and submachine to practice for learners with basic movements, hit, shot bunched fixed targets during the day.
Fulfill all this shoot is the basis for the subsequent firing exercises and in battle when the war happened.
Shooter had time to prepare, but limited to line of sight so get fast, weak movements right field, lying down shot has rested, stable line of sight.
Objective: The objective fixed with scoring round, shot distance to the target people close, easy to observe
  • Request

Positive self during practice, learned the disadvantages, defects in each position, each shot to overcome.
Grasp the basic movements, posture solid shot.
In the process of shooting to elaborate, forging positive self shoot basic movements, overcoming the movements wrong, wrong done editing it in earnest, the process of training to accumulate knowledge, collective action work from easy to difficult system fundamentals.
When practice shooting guns infantry, the psychological practice the good will gesture to shoot accurately, pinch hit and shoot. So in addition to research firm grasp essential aspects have to shoot his cultivation forging a comprehensive health such as sports, running stable, set the bar, lifting … so there are movements keep the gun steady, solid center limited reasonable to shoot.
  • Conditions episode

– Objective: Beer Round 4
– Shooting distance: 100m
– Nature objective: The objective of fixed
– Posture: Located shot has rested
  • How to choose the size of sight, viewpoint

How to choose a watch size:
– Base :
Ballistic average height above the line of sight in the distance shot.
Point shot hit the goal.
Meteorological conditions (rain, wind, …)
– How to select:
When selecting a watch size selected in two ways
Sightseeing size equivalent distance shot.
  • How to choose the iron sights

– Base:
+ Sightseeing size selected.
+ Altitude ballistic when shooting at that distance.
+ Target properties (loud, clear).
+ Point shot hit the goal.
+ Meteorological conditions (rain and wind).b
– How choose: the above objectives are often selected plan:
+ Beer + 4: Sightseeing target the middle bottom edge
+ AK submachine gun used to shoot at the target distance 100m 4 beers selected Sightseeing size 3, (size bigger sight distance shot) between the target point below the goal edge.
+ Because in watching 3 meters, 100m distance for ballistic AK higher than the target point is 28cm from the bottom edge of the target to 10 beers Center 4 is 23cm, so the bullet still hit the target 10 .
– Conclude:
All this shooting was chosen as follows: With the aim of beer 4, taken 3 feet watching, watching the middle of the bottom edge target.
Sightseeing can get 1 meter diving watch it anywhere, but identified on the target hard target point more precisely between the bottom edge watching the target.


For a shooter, sooner or later, practicing dry fire is necessary.
The first thing to consider is, as anytime that you handle a gun, safety. Follow all the rules of safety as usual. One vital thing is notice is that not all the gun types support dry fire practice. Check your gun manufacturer’s manual to see if you can do dry fire with your gun. If your gun is not suitable for this practice, do not force it into the action.
Once you have follow all the safety rules and make sure your gun can be used for dry fire, then you can follow below step by step guide to practice dry fire with your gun
  • Step 1 – No ammunition at all

Dry fire means firing without any ammunition. Not at all.
So remove all the amount of ammunition inside your gun. Make sure there is none of it left and your gun is completely empty.
After that, put them away from your sight. Do not let them be near you when you practice dry fire or you may just accidently load them back into the gun by habit.
  • Step 2 – Choose your target and focus on it

Choose your target carefully and make sure that nothing abnormal is in the destruction zone. Then focus on your sight.
  • Step 3 – Do not be fast with your trigger, press it slowly

Your trigger is not meant to be pulled quickly. If you do so, the gun and your hands will very likely to move and the shot may be inaccurate. Press the trigger smoothly and slowly is a better option.

  • Step 4 – Watch where your shot go

Do not take your eyes off of the sight after pressing the trigger. Keep them still and watch where your shot go. This is a good habit. By practicing this, you will gradually develop the ability to know where your shot lands.
  • Step 5 – Do not linger when you have finished

Once you have finished with your dry fire practice, put your gun back into its proper place. Do not put it just anywhere then return to do dry fire again. Your gun may be loaded when you touch it again. So when you finish, put the gun into its proper place. Next time when you want to practice dry fire, check the gun to see if it is loaded, if there is any ammunition inside. It is better be safe than sorry.


Shooting is not only reserved for military activities. It is also a sport that many people are fond of. As a new shooter, there are basic things to know in order to have a good start with this sport.

1. Safety first

First thing first, gun is, above all, a dangerous thing. When you decide to lay your hand on a gun, the first thing you should know is the safely rules.
– Always check if the gun is loaded or not. Do not think “I have just checked it this morning” or so. Just always check it to see if it is loaded or not. Never assume that the gun in your hand is unloaded without checking it.
– Do not point the gun to anything else but the target. Never point it to anything or anyone that is not your shooting target, even just for a second, even just kidding.
– Know clearly about your shooting target and whatever is near it or behind it or within the destruction zone.
– Do not touch the trigger until you really want to fire the gun. Some people you see on movies may keep their finger on the trigger? Life is not a movie so do not imitate them. Keep your finger away from the trigger unless you are ready to fire.

2. Do not learn to use the gun on your own

Do not try to learn to use the gun alone. Find a trustworthy instruction with reputable certification. They will give you the guide on how to use a gun from scratch. You should feel comfortable with the instructor. If you cannot feel this then change a new one. Spending time with a wrong instructor may damage your whole experience of shooting.

3. Improve endlessly

Do not be over confident with your shooting skills. There are always more to learn so improve your shooting skills without end.

4. Grip your gun properly

One of the most important things to learn is how to grip your gun. After each shot, the gun kicks back more or less. So a proper grip will prevent you from being wounded. Do not hold all the guns in the same way. Make sure you know clearly about a gun and how to use it before laying your hand onto it.

5. Do not stop practicing

Practice makes perfect. The best, and only, way to be a good shooter is practicing and practicing again. Familiarize yourself with your gun and the shooting range. Know your weakness and set a target to improve. Regular practice will help you to have a good control of your gun and enhance your shooting experience. Keep on practicing everything you should do with your gun: load it, unload it, fire it etc.
Your shooting skills will get better in times with practice. Do not rush and expect overnight result. Be patient and you will get a satisfactory outcome.


Shooting may sound simple to some people. It is just an action of pulling a trigger, isn’t it? Indeed, people who have experiences with gun may not agree. This action, as simple as it may seem to be, requires some skills and efforts from shooters.

1. Pulling the Trigger Properly

Basic steps for pulling the trigger is: hold the gun in your grip firmly, align the sight, place your finger on the trigger, and press the trigger. There are not so many things to do, but each step should be done properly. When you pull the trigger and the gun fire, the important thing is that your hands do not move and neither does the sight picture or the gun. Nothing moves except the trigger or else you will fire inexactly. The bullet may end up somewhere that you do not intend to shoot on at all. So pulling the trigger correctly is one of the most essential things to do in order to shoot well. If you are a new shooter, do not rush. Spend sometimes in perfecting your skill in pulling the trigger. It will worth the time and effort. Not all the people who spend time practicing pulling the trigger become excellent shooters, but all the excellent shooters must have spent hours and hours doing so.
The common mistake that may be made by new shooters is an abrupt pulling which causes the gun to move out of the alignment and causes the shot to be inexact. So, firstly, a new shooter should calm himself down, aim at the target and squeeze the trigger smoothly, slowly.

2. Having the Right Shooting Stance 

Adjusting the shooting stance will help a shooter to improve the accuracy of the shoot. Frequently, people stand more comfortably when the body weight is divided equally on both feet and more on the heels. This way, the joints are extended and, or locked and the amount of muscles used is minimized. However, the thing is this comfortable standing position is not the best way to stand when you want to shoot.

There are two ways to position your legs and feet in order to create an optimal shooting stance:
– Strong side in the back: Put the leg of your strong-hand side behind the other one for around 30 cm to 45 cm.
– Side by side: Put your two feet side by side with a hip-width distance in between them.
In both positions, bend your knees a little.
After choosing the suitable position for your legs and feet, now you can adjust your body and balance.
Your torso should not be backward or straight. Move it forward a little bit. Your waist, your hip and your shoulders should be somehow bent forward. Never let them be bent backwards. When a shot is fired, the gun will give you a kick. Put your body weight forward will help you to counteract this.
Relax your shoulders; do not pull it up around your ears. Extend your arms fully.
After all these steps are done, hold the gun in your hand tightly. Tightly, and even more tightly. Give it all your strength. Now check your position: your feet are fixed, your knees are slightly bent, your body weight is put forward, your shoulders are relaxed, your arms are extended and your grip is tight enough. All checked? Then you have finish setting up the correct position to shoot.


Increasingly complex world and crime rates, increasing thefts. Protecting ourselves from bad things is extremely necessary. Currently, worldwide, there are a few countries that allows people to use guns to protect themselves from danger, especially the United States. Although this caused much debate, the reaction from many sides. One side is backing, wants it to continue. Side desired rest forbidden to use firearms, not to continue to use the gun again. But anyway, the benefits of using a gun to protect yourself is easy to see. Please stop talking about using a gun is right or wrong, today in this article we will show you a few ways to aim and shoot with the gun properly.
  • Shooting targets and winning convergence

+ The goal of convergence is one of the basic goals and the simplest of subjects shooting. Goals come from nearly away. It was originally applied for AK rifles, however, as the later it has been widely adopted. This is the first thing you should know if you want to use the gun safely
  • Why do you need aim and hit convergence?

+ Help for novice knows precision (the standard) when performing aiming movements, said the hit, the convergence objective, the bias (high, low, right or left) during training to apprentice repair.
+ Help commanders know the extent of each person’s learning to help in the process of shooting.
  • Practice with shooting targets set convergence

+ Shooting training material convergence objective: guns that you are using, pedestal sightseeing, sandbags, you aim table convergence, mobile money, black pencil sharpened.
+ The order set:
     – Waiter: Shooting target table Plug convergence of white paper stuck in distance 10m (distance is the distance from the center pedestal to put a gun aiming points). Then sit on the side, facing the serve beer in sight. Right hand mobile money. First put coin cell beer close to the surface in a certain position on the board you aim to converge.
The student work is preparing to shoot action, put the gun on a pedestal watching (gun bullets removed next to the box next to the pedestal).
     – Adjust the gun straight towards beer and start watching. When watching a fight on his chin hand supports the head from vibration.
A hand adjusting the basic line of sight gun put into the middle of the bottom edge of the black ring money (pay attention not to be rested the gun on the shoulder to adjust and watch). When finished taking the line of sight of people watching shouted “get” and continued to shout “stop”, when taken finish line of sight of people watching do not get their hands on a gun.
     – The waiter kept the money in place a pencil perpendicular dots between cell center at the target currency, after marking finished putting away money just dots point 2-4 cm.
     – You: Gun is left the position (not to touch guns) continued to watch and control the waiter brought the line of sight of the original location. When the black ring of the coin was on the right line of sight, then shouted “get” and shouted “stop”. Just like fins made three times. In the process of watching (from the 2nd) have guns in a fixed position, if guns were moved to do from the beginning.
     – After the file has finished three times watching waiters circled pencil dot just three points, then used three holes on the currency spot assessment results apprentice.


Why do you have to aim and shoot? In the shooter wanted to hit targets aiming. When firing bullets in the gun moving outside air is affected by air and gravity forming unbalanced curve. So who shot to determine the angle and direction of fire to shoot for ballistic trajectory to hit passing point on the target.  For a couple of guns, bullets gradually separated from the launcher line motion and inertia.  So to bullets hit the target point, the gun can not be taken directly into the firing points that must guide the barrel turn up a certain angle (angle shot) to point touch (dropping points) of the bullet hit the shot hit points.
Ballistic trajectory is so important. If the road is so called ballistic warheads focus outlined in space, can visualize trajectory is unbalanced line, always walking up walking down longer. Trajectory in space is very necessary. To take the direction of the shot and angle to shoot quickly and accurately people ready parts on the gun sight. After the shooting distance estimation shot, grab the corresponding size watch, watch parts used, to its target, the exact line of sight to get done pulled the trigger. Doing so-called point-and-shoot. The substance of the alignment gun sight on goal, firing angle and direction of firing took to put into orbit ballistic shot points. Here are the steps for you to aim and shoot.
  • Get Infusions to Aim and Shoot

Shooter based on the distance from the goal is to shoot as many meters east obtain their implementation sight size (about the size sight), for example, range 300 m, take the watch size 3. In essence this step is to create corresponding angle between the line of sight and the axis of the barrel, giving the gun a shot of range of shooting angles.
  • Get the Basic Line of Sight

Get the basic line of sight essentially giving a gun to shoot the scope and direction angle.
Content retrieve basic line of sight alignment is a straight line from the eye sight to watch over the top slot size for the top stargazing sightseeing in the center on a par with the two edges of the viewfinder with the gun conditions are not inclined. This is one of the important parts when aiming and shooting.
The basic line of sight take meaningful decisions to the accuracy of the line of sight or accuracy of the range and direction of the target
  • Basic Line of Sight

With mechanical watch size: the line of sight is essentially a straight line from the center of the human eye sight through the upper edge of the slot size between the top shopping to sightseeing.
With optical viewfinder: The line is the basic sightseeing tunnel through the center of the human eye vision goggles to reach the intersection of bar and bar carved carving direction (plus sign) to the light conditions have rounded glass deu.Ban body can take the line of sight the optical viewfinder.
Get the true line of sight. True line of sight is given to the basic line of sight to sight on a target point.
In combat is not always well targeted at distances corresponding to  distances even on sight size, plus warheads are affected by wind, air density, temperature environment.
Get the true line of sight must be maintained during the shoot.